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Call Now: 347-625-9344
Call Now: 347-625-9344

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H2 Hummer Limousine


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Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
Night on the town, Strip club or bar hopping with a group of your best friends...Weddings
Make your time memorable with a beautiful limousine ...Proms
Celebrate the most unique night with your friends in style and comfort ... Sporting Events
Attend a baseball, football, basketball game or concert ...Casino Trips
Atlantic City, Mohegan Sun, Foxwoods - any casino trip in style...Night-On-Town
Dinner, Theater, bar hopping, engagement limousine... Airport Transfers
Take a limo to and from a LGA, JFK, EWR or ISLIP airports
Limousine Service New York
Welcome to Jet Door - Wedding Limousine Specialists

Jet Door Limousine provides distinctive, high quality, professional limousine service at competitive rates. We are premier third-party New York limousine service company serving New York City area, Long Island, New Jersey limousine, Westchester and Connecticut in NEW fleet of 2010 SUV limo trucks like H2 Fantasy JET door Hummer or Escalade Lasanti. We are #1 in New York with 2010 Escalade limousines fleet. Limousine transportation to airports, weddings, proms, concerts and other events in professional and friendly atmosphere is our main goal. Whatever you may need in terms of local transit, Long Island Limousine is here for you to provide limousine service in New York's five boroughs. We are ready to be your one-stop limo service for your transportation needs. Whether you need limousine for wedding, bachelor party or limo for Prom we are ready to help with very competitive and aggressive pricing to win your business and provide best service with your limousine rental. We go the extra mile to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. We are committed to customer service and are constantly searching for new avenues to enhance your travel experience.

2010 Hummer Jet Door Limousine
Our brand new 2010 Hummer JET Door Limo with double axles is finally here. Some of the features of this beatiful New York Hummer Limo� are: * JET Door * Double-axles * Disco color changing Floor * Disco color changing Ceiling * Ostrich skin upholstry and headliner * Ipod hookup with Alpine Stage 5� SOUND SYSTEM * Green Laser� show * Strobe lights *� Street [...]
New York Wedding 2010 Escalade Limousine !!!
Our most anticipated NYC wedding Limousine just arrived and this 24 passenger Cadillac Escalade Lasanti Edition with limousine Lamborgini doors will turn heads wherever you go. Professionally designed by NY limo in New York, a subsidiary of Wedding Limousine division, this interior is the newest and most popular member of our line up. No detail [...]

New York Wedding Limousine tips.
Wedding season is just�starting�and�we�at�Jet Door Limousine would like to assure you that our wedding limousines are ready to serve all your�wedding limousine�rental needs. If you are planning a wedding�in NYC or New Jersey, hiring a New York limousine is the best popular and affordable option for you. We will make sure to provide limousine special [...]


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